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Entrusted Export - Import Service from Vietnam to anywhere.

Entrusted import is a service provided by Viet Trung for customers who have the contract of exporting/ importing Products but cannot export/import directly from Vietnam to foreign countries because of some reasons. In this situation, customers can sign an entrusted import agreement with Viet Trung. Then Viet Trung will import/export/ pay the consignment value as imported price along with commission cost which is dealt on the agreement with “win-win” principle. The customer does not need to care about tax refund or anything dealing with tax, custom, trucking/ shipment,....

Our services include

- Representative for customers to sign foreign contract, make payment; advise and make connection to foreign partners in case you are looking for partners;
- Consulting on import-export procedures, representative for customers to do import, export, logistics procedures at ports; 
- Customs services, other services at ports; 
- Registration of phytosanitary, animal quarantine, C/O, National technical regulation ; 
- Ships booking, buying insurance (if any), goods tracking; 
- Assisting customers with grievance resolution

Please feel free to contact directly with Viet Trung at the Office, Viet Trung will appoint marketing expert to introduce our services and find out about customers’ requirements in order to help customers can choose suitable products and best services.

Office : 3A Building, Duy Tan, Cau Giay District,Hanoi.

T: (024) 3822 9222/ M:+841292832828 (For: What'sApp, Imess, Skype, Zalo)


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